A Journey For The Soul – Mercedes-Benz (2022)

A Journey for the Soul is a road movie (previously published as a series) created for Mercedes-Benz G Class. Captain Nabil Al Rostamani takes a break from his hectic life as a pilot, and takes off into the desert of Saudi Arabia, in an improvised road trip that follows the routes of ancient pilgrims, leading him finally to Mecca. Nabil rediscovers himself and his connection to nature and heritage as he sheds the habits of modern life and soaks in the pleasures of simplicity.

The series was shot as a semi-scripted story, as we followed Nabil’s journey from Dubai to the outskirts of Mecca.

Agency: Publicis Emil Dubai
Story Developed at Studio Humbaba LLC
Produced by Stoked, Dubai
Written & Directed by Areej Mahmoud
Cinematographer   Pol Orpinell
Starring Captain Nabil Al Rustamani
Executive Produced by Rita El Hachem & Charbel Aouad
Editor Maria Malek
Music Composition by Fadi Tabbal and Sary Moussa.
Featuring Vocals by Julia Sabra
Sound Design by TuneFork Studio
Post Production at LUCID Post
Colorist: Belal Hibri